Alice's 4th Birthday

Our sweet little lady is 4. It’s been the best (and fastest) 4 years of our lives. Instead of a big party this year, we decided to take her to an amusement park her dad used to go to as a child. She had an absolute blast going on rides, eating junk food and spending time with Nana and Papa. I think we’re ready for Disney!

Super Alice!

Alice just finished up a week at Super Hero camp. She made a costume and met new friends, but her favorite part was learning about “everyday heroes”. She’s since told me many times that I’m a hero for making her dinner she likes, folding the laundry or helping her on the potty. Well done, super camp. Well done.

DIY: Father's Day Cards

Alice, Liam and I had the best time creating homemade Father’s Day gifts for Mike and our Grandpa’s. Each Grandpa received a custom card with a bookmark, painted by the kids, tucked inside. Mike’s card had a “Build Your Own Father’s Day” list inside, compiled of ideas Alice and I came up with together. Allowing him to chose the activities for the day.

*Alice only calls Mike “Daddyman” and Liam’s only word at this point is “GO!”*

Liam's First Birthday

Our little baby man has turned one year old. Just like the day he was born, we all had terrible colds and couldn’t have visitors. However, there was delicious dairy, gluten and soy free cake AND Nana and Papa McCann. Happy Birthday, Liam. We love you so much.

The Jackson Family

I was referred to the wonderful Jackson family, by a mutual friend for a Holiday card mini session and I couldn’t have loved it more. They were as nice as can be and I absolutely LOVE the photos.

Super Summer Gifts

Arts and crafts are a big deal around here. Alice and I love to craft, make and bake. So for end of year gifts to give her classmates we went big, not home. Alice came up with the “Super Hero” theme, Amazon and Michaels provided the materials, then I designed a card and assembled them. It was so fun letting her pick who got which hero and listening to her explain why (most of which was nonsensical).

Hurricane Matthew

It’s our first hurricane season on the east coast, and so far so good. We took a break from puzzles and movies to explore the neighborhood and search for “jumpy pubbles” How cute are these tiny purple rain boots?

Tried and True Appetizer

I’m no food blogger, but I eat this often and enjoy it so much that I felt the need to share. I make them as an appetizer for almost every family gathering or for lunch if I’m hosting friends. It’s simple to make and the flavors are perfectly balanced. Even the pickiest eaters have enjoyed it.

Spread goat cheese on a freshly toasted baguette then spoon on a little fig jam. Top with a slice of prosciutto and a fresh basil leaf. Thats it! Couldn’t be easier and it’s SO SO GOOD!